L’s Bravo Viewtiful Part Two- pgs. 96-97

For Come Back Beginner

Seriously, you can’t even find the traces of spring in this cold weather. (Look at Dongwoo Hyung’s clothes!) It’s cold but I really like the brightness of the sky.
Going back to the beginning, I think it’s a good timing, satisfactory match.

March 1st, because of the ‘Infinite Rally’ fanmeeting, we went back to our old dorms to film a video. 
This place is where we spent out trainee times to our ‘Be Mine’ era. All of the traces of our memories remain in this place.

Our first dorm is where Sunggyu Hyung, Woohyunie Hyung, Dongwoo Hyung and lastly me, were together. 
The time where even with our struggles, we silently chased. 
Anyways, within four years, we became an idol group. 
After seeing our debut song, ‘Comeback Again’, the unfashionable posters and the goosebumps we got, you think we all bursted right? Haha!

Records and evidence, and the yearnings that are still visible is enough for us to go back to the times when it was only the beginning.

And now, that ‘beginning’ is held tight in our hearts in our everyday lives.


Picture: Mangwondo’s number one fashionista. 

Translated by Hahnbee & Jean @lsbravoviewtifultrans

L’s Bravo Viewtiful Part Two- pgs. 70-71

The 2nd 30 Days
Sometimes I secretly yell “Found it!”
It’s like finding a treasure; my eyes sparkle and my heart starts melting, my lips also start to shiver in excitement.
The difference of liking something and not, affects how much you do or not do.

The flaming string that I think i’m connected to is revolving from happiness to excitement.
The time lapse is faster now. The string of connection is complicatedly hitting me with false accusations. This certainly is a bad but accustomed feeling.

Connection is when the time lapse gives up and comes to me.
Then I should let go of my past and dye my string scarlet red for a new start.

Translated by Jean @lsbravoviewtifultrans.

L’s Bravo Viewtiful Part Two- pgs. 10-11

01 The 1st 29 Days.

Relationships (因緣)* won’t come by if you wait thoughtlessly. The string of the past must be cut and the clumped up ball of yarn will return. The objections in this world can’t be seen but the flaming string of connection is like a spider web that complicatedly connects. If you cut that, the only person that can connect it again is the situation and the destiny of oneself… Letting it go, grabbing it, when that time comes, you wouldn’t want to believe in it.

But, the present time’s result will always exist and the situations of believing will occur. Right now at this moment somewhere, I wouldn’t know if my faith is casted or waited on. I’m looking around my surroundings just in case somebody grazes past me, looking to seize my flaming string of faith…

*The Chinese word for “faith”, “relationships”, and “connection”.

Translated by Jean @lsbravoviewtifultrans.

We’re back?!?

*slowly creeps in*
Hi guys? We are so extremely sorry to say that we went on an unofficial hiatus for….a looonnggg time.. ㅠㅠ
We can’t say we are 100% back but please do look forward for the next couple of days.

Our goal is to have 1,000 followers by L’s Bravo Viewtiful’s Anniversary, which is only in a month! (May 15) In order to meet our goal, not only do we need your help but we also need to work harder as well.

There will be big changes made in the next couple of days so please do look forward to it. We are sure many of you will appreciate it.

Thank you to all of our loyal followers and readers for sticking with us through our inactive and active times!

The Admins of Lsbravoviewtifultrans.

L’s Bravo Viewtiful Part 2 - pgs. 118-119

무한대집회(Infinite rally)*

INFINITE History Start!






*무한대집회 is Korean for Infinite Rally. If we were to translate it, it would’ve looked like this “Infinite rally(Infinite rally)”

Translated and Written by Myungsoo himself.

L’s Bravo Viewtiful - pgs. 52 - 53

Lemon Tea

'Rock Paper Sissors Shoot! Yay, I won!'

Since waiting for the DVD filming schedule was so long I decided to go to a nearby cafe with two manager hyungs and played a blazing game of ‘rock paper sissors’ with some results that made me very satisfied.

'Smart lemon tea that gets rid of the year's flu' was stuck in my head~ Get it!

Last time, even though the flu was strong it was way~ too strong, that severe virus still hasn’t fallen off of my body. But still, this little guy is like me and seems to be obsessed. This little guy has been loving a one sided love for too long, it’s time for me to allow you to leave…

One gulp of lemon tea - 

Back away flu~!


Translated by Hahnbee @lsbravoviewtifultrans

L’s Bravo Viewtiful - pgs. 20* - 21

In The Parking Lot of The Shinchon Station

In Shinchon there are two stations, a train station and a subway station.

I came to watch a movie but, I suddenly looked to my side to see the sunset falling. In thought of the Eulwangri sunset that I saw yesterday I went up to the rooftop of the Shinchon train station.

Even though there isn’t a shack next to the train station anymore… There were a lot of people moving around in the direction of the subway station. The fact that the movement of these people that I usually don’t even care about was drawn into my eyes, there was a reason as to why I noticed for just a split second, that reason was because of all that sorriness that I was trying to escape away from after all this time.

The busy downtown inside the sunset was just as beautiful as the Eulwangri beach sunset. A typical minute in a life time becomes very important because you’ve kept it with you as an important moment to you once again.


Translated by Hahnbee @lsbravoviewtifultrans

*pg. 20 - chikchikpokpok~  (sound of train)

L’s Bravo Viewtiful - pgs. 136 - 137

Warm Festival Food

The reason why I have a lot of food pictures, is because it’s the easiest to take pictures of and because I get this 'scavenger-like' instinct whenever I see a restaurant. Let’s just leave it at that.

Beautifully good weather, in order to eat I arrived at a nearby restaurant that is a favorite to the people in the neighborhood. All the things that I like; noodles, rice cakes, fruit, meat etc…

"Aunt*, is it a special day today?"

"Yeah. this food is for single elders."

Through food people can comfort their lonely neighbors through a warmness. Even as I finished my meal and was leaving the aunt gave me an armful of generous kindness. 


Translated by Hahnbee + Esther @@lsbravoviewtifultrans

*Aunt is something you call older women that you don’t want to call ahjumma because they might think they’re ‘too young’ to an ahjumma so they just call them aunts.

L’s Bravo Viewtiful - pgs. 134 - 135

03 The 3rd 35 Days

Opening our eyes in the morning is a natural act. However, rejoicing the fact that we could breathe and live easily is put aside because our bodies are busy making sure our sleepy bodies are functioning properly. 

We open our eyes, eat, move our bodies, breathe, sing, listen to music, dance, play games, enjoy exercising, go to the restroom…

When all these natural things start to feel special, we’ll have the super power of pushing away all of our worries. You will be able to make smile.

Translated by Esther and Edited by Hahnbee @lsbravoviewtifultrans

L’s Bravo Viewtiful - pgs. 192 - 193

SungJongie’s Teddy Bear

SungJong’s silent teddy bear friend was shown on broadcast couple of times. I suddenly remembered this thing where you flip sketchbooks, so I wrote some things with a pen and a A4 piece of paper. (Ah, I also reused the papers~) I planned out questions that I would answer to myself, sort of like I’m acting out 2 different people but in reality it’s just me. People may think that I’m some weird kid, but it was really fun for me. It was really fun playing with you teddy, let’s play together again some other time^^

Translated by Esther and edited by Hahnbee @lsbravoviewtifultrans